What you need to know prior to inspection!

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Barrie Inspections wants to provide you with the resources you need prior to the inspection. The most important thing to realize is that any deficiency uncovered by the inspection can be fixed. Some fixes are minor and inexpensive, others are more significant and, consequently, more expensive. But they can be fixed.

The home inspector is hired to give a factual analysis of the current state of the home at the time of inspection. That doesn’t mean trying to convince the buyer not to buy, and it doesn’t mean overlooking things to make it easier to sell. It’s simply a professional, informed inspection of the house to help everyone involved have an accurate understanding of the current state of the property.


Try to be there for the inspection.

You’re probably excited about your new home, but please don’t invite everyone to the inspection. The more persons in the home during an inspection, means more possibility to have interruptions that could cause something to get missed inadvertently. We certainly don’t want a big crowd to get in the way, but you ought to be there during the inspection at the very least for the final half hour or so. It’s understandable if you cannot make it, so if anything major comes up you will get a phone call to discuss it. You can also get more information on the home inspection here in our blog.

Expect some issues to pop up. 

No house is perfect, and it is our job to point out the imperfections. Be prepared for a slight adjustment to the way you picture your new home – this may be the first independent (just the facts) perspective you receive on the property. Our report is detailed, and is likely to have some cosmetic items listed as well. Filter out these items and focus on the more critical items. If you have questions on anything, please call, text, or email for clarification.

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Current state of the home.

Please understand that we can only tell you the current status of your home at the time we perform the inspection. We can’t predict the future, so we can’t reliably tell you what issues will arise at some future date. Based on our experience, we have a good idea of what could happen and will be happy to give you our thoughts. If the inspection turns up any deficiencies, use them as a bargaining tool with the seller if they are important enough.


After you purchase the home, you should address any deficient items in a timely manner. Waiting won’t make them go away – it will likely just make the issues more severe. We always recommend consulting with a licensed tradesperson for the specific issue, such as licensed electricians for electrical repairs, and licensed plumbers for plumbing repairs. Use of a handyman is generally not advised unless they possess the licenses for the work being performed.

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Please remove or secure your pets. We love pets too, but don’t want them getting loose or getting hurt during the inspection. Some pets become scared and may have accidents, and some become protective and could attempt to injure someone. It’s best to secure them or take them with you if possible.

Inspection attendance.

It’s a good idea if you aren’t present during the inspection, or at least that you give the buyer and the inspector some time to speak privately without interruption. You’ll want the same with your inspector when you purchase your next home. By the way, we are ready to schedule your inspection too!


Please make sure all of the utilities are still turned on for the inspection. This is required for the inspection process. These generally include electricity, water, and natural gas/propane service. We take care not to be wasteful with utilities, as we know there is cost associated with it.


Of course, please make sure the inspector and buyer have full access to the property. That may mean moving your personal property around to allow easy direct access to the windows, electrical outlets, attic/crawl space openings, the HVAC system, all electrical panels, the water heater, etc. It can be a minor inconvenience to move things around, but if we can’t access certain systems we may have to make a second inspection trip out to inspect these items which could delay your closing date.

Inspection Issues for Sellers

If you’re looking for a heads-up on what could show up on the report, click here to read our blog post. Some very helpful tips are included. Of course we would love to do a pre-listing inspection if you want to know what is deficient in your home!

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