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Whether you're a home buyer, investor, insurance company, lending institution, or a home seller, we can quickly and efficiently help out with your inspection needs! We get it right the first time!





We use a multi-point inspection system that ensures your property has

been thoroughly inspected from top to bottom. Nothing will be missed!

  •  Home (new construction, resale, and renovations)

  •  Commercial (new construction and pre-lease)

  • Same Day Reports 

  • Buy Back Guarantee 

  • Rush Inspections Available!

  • Inspections start at just $200 for a basic inspection

Below are just some of the cutting edge tools that we use to ensure we can find

hidden problems on standard inspections:


               Moisture Meter                                   Thermal Imaging Camera                                Combustible Gas Meter      


Residential Inspections:

A home inspection provides you with a detailed report on the status of a home prior to purchase or sale. A professional home inspector is an impartial third-party that will visually evaluate the physical structure, electrical system, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, interior walls/floors/doors, and exterior. 


A home is a huge investment for most people. You worked hard to get to the point of purchase. The last thing you need is a hidden disaster waiting for you after closing. A trained, experienced, professional home inspector can find these problems before you buy, which could save you multiple thousands of dollars later! Don't let your option period pass by without a home inspection, or you could be making a huge financial mistake!

Here's just some of the problems we have uncovered and saved clients thousands of $$$$.



Commercial Inspections:

If you're an investor or entrepreneur looking at a business property, let us come inspect it so you know what you're walking into. With real estate and fire/building code experience on our side, we know some of the paths you will be taking if you purchase or lease the property. Let us save you potentially thousands in code repairs by coming out and inspecting the property ahead of time. Don't waste your investment dollars on someone else's sinking investment property. 


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We use Home Gauge software so creating CRL's (repair addendums) is easy!

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