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Fire Code Consulting & Inspections

Consulting Services




Do you have a project that you need assistance understanding the needs of the building and fire code officials?


Barrie Inspections is well versed in building and fire code requirements for commercial and multi-family residential occupancies. We can help guide your project team through the ins and outs of the permitting process. With our expertise, your project can get through permitting quicker, and get you up and operational faster! 

With over 12+ years of plans review and code interpretation experience, we can review your plans submittals before they are submitted to ensure they get accepted. Time savings in the permit process equals cost savings for your project and clients. 

Inspections Services

Are you wrapping up construction and need a fresh set of eyes to pre-inspect your project to ensure a successful fire marshal final inspection? 

We also inspect the following:

  • foster homes 

  • adoption homes

  • nursing home / residential board & care homes (RBC)

  • home daycare

  • private home owners


As a former Fire Marshal with over 12+ years of plans review and inspection experience, I'm here to help guide you through the landmine field of code requirements. We can interpret and explain various code requirements, and help your project come to a successful completion at final inspection! Let me be the liaison between the code officials and your project management / general contractor.


A Fire Marshal knows what a Fire Marshal will be looking for!