Summertime is here, and that is typically when the real estate market is the busiest! Along with more competitive offers being submitted by most buyers, comes the problematic shortened option periods! We’re going to discuss some reasons why you don’t skip the home inspection.

Fact: Sellers want the highest offer, generally with fast closing and no hiccups along the way.

When the markets heat up, you will start to see the normal 7- and 10-day option periods drop to 5 day options. Option periods also include weekends and holidays!

Fact: Any good professional real estate inspector will not generally be available within a 5-day option period, except for after-hours or by squeezing into an already busy schedule.

Reputable inspectors stay busy, and with a busier time of year, schedules fill fast. If you contact an inspector and they are easily able to schedule you within a few days, that’s probably a red flag! Squeezing in more inspections per day will likely mean lower quality inspections/reports. Barrie Inspections typically stays booked up one-week in advance. During the busy seasons, that easily stretches to two-weeks.

With no laws requiring a home inspection for houses in Texas, many people might think this is something that can be skipped. However, this could not be less true. There are many systems and components that get inspected by a professional home inspector that you may not be aware of. Even a contractor with years of experience doesn’t know many of the codes and standards!  A highly trained inspector, like Barrie Inspections, has the skills and experience to help you protect your home investment. As for what a home inspection can do to help you, read on for a list of benefits to explain why it’s a good idea.

Basics of an Inspection

As a buyer, you go into a home with emotion. Excitement and the ‘wow factor’ play into some of the decision making. People often glaze over minor to moderate defects while paying more attention to the aesthetics, layouts, curb appeal, etc. But a thorough home inspection will reveal potential issues with the condition of the home you are wanting to buy that you didn’t think of or notice! How many people look in the attic at the rafter connections at the ridge that are separating? Or how many people looked and saw the home has 60-year-old galvanized water pipes that are at the end of their lifespan and will likely cause a water leak in the future? But those new windows and exterior paint look great!

The inspection includes evaluation of the complete structure, from foundation through the roof, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, appliances, etc. This can help you avoid expensive repairs you would have to make after purchasing the home otherwise. If the defects are found are too extensive or costly, an inspection can give you grounds to back out of an existing offer due to the option period.


Barrie Inspections sometimes reveals large problems, such as the need to replace the entire roof or considerable foundation problems. If something like this is discovered in your case, you can modify your offer to account for that expense through negotiations with the seller. This can be a discounted sales price, repairs made by the seller (full or partial), or even cash at closing for those repairs. An inspection could also reveal potential health and safety issues like mold, and you’ll want to make sure problems like these are either fixed or accounted for in your terms before signing.

For Sellers

Most of the reasons to get a pre-listing home inspection when selling, as opposed to buying, are the same for the most part. One more important factor is that the law in Texas requires you to disclose known problems with the property to buyers. A home inspection will help you give the most accurate information possible to buyers. Throughout his career as a real estate inspector in south Texas, James has always provided the information his clients and their agents have needed as a ‘neutral’ 3rd party and has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers!

Barrie Inspections is ready to handle all your real estate inspection needs! We have the experience and expertise to give you the best value and the most detailed inspection in the Crossroads! Call 361-298-0472, email, or schedule on our website 24/7 HERE. Barrie Inspections is here to help you!