As a homeowner, you inevitably ask yourself – or your professional home inspector when you’re buying a property – how long major structures and systems will last once you move in. This includes questions about the roof, HVAC unit, windows. Because you know home maintenance is a large ongoing cost that you’d like to manage as well as possible. Predicting the longevity is also important when planning your purchase. A home with older appliances and equipment is going to require replacement sooner, and needs to be considered. Today we will answer the question, “How Long Will That Last?”.

Regardless of your home’s age, you’re likely going to have to spend money on upkeep every year. It makes sense to have a maintenance fund that you contribute to on a regular basis to cover these expected and unexpected issues, since you can’t be sure exactly when things will need to be repaired and/or replaced. Some items are more costly than others, so proper budgeting is important!

One recommendation I give to first time home buyers in Victoria Texas is to use a calendar to remind yourself to change air filters, and smoke detector batteries on a schedule. This is the beginning of creating a maintenance schedule that can be easily modified. Additional categories to include are checking for wood rot, checking the foundation for cracking or movement, and ensuring trees are not touching the roof! Doing these simple tasks help prevent larger issues that cost more in the long run.

How Long Will That Last? Barrie Inspections Real Estate Inspector In Victoria Texas explains

Below is a general guide to help you understand the typical life expectancy of minor home components such as caulking, all the way up to major systems like plumbing. This information should help you plan when some items may need maintenance or replacement. Of course, it’s also smart to take into consideration styles and brands, as well as wear and tear. Some products last longer than others depending on how they’re constructed, used, the environment, and maintenance being done. For the most part, people replace/upgrade certain components within their homes during renovations to keep them looking fresh well before their effective life is over.

expected life expectancy chart for appliances, systems, flooring, and more. Barrie Inspections is a home inspector in Gonzales Texas.

When getting ready to replace major appliances and systems, it’s always best practice to do some research first. Check out various brands for reviews, pricing, and maintenance requirements. If having a professional install these items, check out their references and reviews as well. Just like hiring a Realtor or Real Estate Inspector, check up on them to make sure they are good!

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