Your Barrie Inspections home inspection report will no doubt reveal a lot about the property – perhaps an aging roof, outdated electrical wiring or leaky plumbing. Does the seller have to fix these issues? The short answer is no. The home inspection report is not a mandatory repair list. Rather it is a valuable tool to help a buyer decide the home’s potential value and condition.

A home inspection is simply an assessment of a home’s condition on that day. Of course, things can change from day to day, especially if the home is currently being occupied. A licensed real estate inspection professional will use extensive training to examine and evaluate the entire home, before writing the findings in a report with subject photos for any deficiencies found. If the Inspector is properly licensed and credible, they will be using the latest Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) required report form (with few exceptions). If you’re interested in seeing a sample of these reports from actual Barrie Inspections client inspections, please visit HERE.

Barrie Inspections is a real estate inspector that uses Spectora Software for detailed reports. Report is not a mandatory repair list.

How The Report Can Be Useful During Sale Negotiations

With the detailed report in hand, you and your Realtor can negotiate with the seller to either; 1) fix issues, or 2) ask for a price reduction, or 3) ask for concessions to have money given to you for repairs at closing. But keep in mind, there’s no requirement for the seller to do either.

Several factors come into play with negotiations. First is the urgency of the seller to sell the property. If the seller is in a time crunch or in financial struggles, they may be more willing to cooperate during negotiations in your favor. Second is the nature of the repairs being requested. Not all repairs should be negotiated to a point that it stalls the deal. Item such as minor handyman type repairs, cosmetic items, and similar are often times just accepted by a buyer. Deficiencies which are large ticket items or safety items like electrical hazards and roof leaks are typically negotiated!

It’s important for the buyer to completely review the home inspection report and weigh the importance of each item listed. A good home inspector will review the report with the buyer to help them understand all the details contained in the report. A detailed report can be overwhelming to look at, but in reality is generally filled with handfuls of minor items that are easy and cheap to repair.

Being Realistic Is Important

While a buyer may dream of the “perfect home,” in reality there’s no such thing and a home inspection will usually disclose several areas with deficiencies. In most cases if a potential buyer makes reasonable requests for items to be corrected, the sellers will agree. Buyers must be realistic when making requests for repairs or price reductions though. Buyers should not expect sellers to repaint the entire house because of a few areas of flaking paint, or replace the flooring in the entire house because of a small stain or tear in the carpet.  Of course sellers must also be flexible to some degree if they want to sell the home! Some lenders may require certain items to be fixed for the loan to close. Good communication and being reasonable with expectations is key!

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