Barrie Inspections Victoria Texas Real Estate Inspector Performing A Sewer Piping Inspection

Here are 10 Reasons You Need A Sewer Piping Inspection for your new home or business. When you are preparing to purchase a home or commercial building for sale, which is likely to be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, you want to have your bases covered with a thorough and highly detailed inspection. Buyers often neglect to have the lateral sewer line inspected during the inspection process, and most don’t realize that you are buying that sewer piping all the way up to the city connection!

sewer scope inspection by Barrie Inspections Real Estate Inspector
Roots located inside a sewer line

A general home inspection doesn’t go below the surface, except for viewing any crawlspace piping. Adding a sewer line video inspection to your home or commercial property can reveal quite a lot more about the property. Of course, buyers are provided disclosures by the home/business seller that reveal all known defects that they are aware of. The problem is, the owner typically isn’t aware a problem exists within the sewer lines, so it’s in the buyer’s best interest to have these hidden defects revealed before the option period is over, potentially saving you major repairs down the line.

Barrie Inspections is trained in sewer piping inspections and uses a 110-foot, color video camera that records the inspection of the pipe(s). With this inspection, we’ve saved countless buyers multi-thousands of dollars in hidden repair costs. The average sewer pipe repair in Victoria Texas is between $1,500 and $3,500! Fortunately for Barrie Inspections’ clients, they have hired the ONLY real estate inspector in the area that has the availability to inspect these lateral sewer lines!

New Construction build you say? We have found several new homes that have cracked or broken piping from heavy construction trucks! We have also found piping installed backwards on a brand new home!

Debris build up inside a sewer line inspected by Barrie Inspections. Here is one of 10 reasons you need a sewer piping inspection
Debris clogging up a sewer line (foreground) with roots and mud formation at the rear


  1. Disconnected Sewer Line Piping
  2. Pitted Sewer Line
  3. Collapsed Sewer Line
  4. Cracked Sewer Line
  5. Post-Build Construction Damage
  6. Tree Roots
  7. Blockages Stemming from House Plumbing
  8. Improper Installation
  9. Normal Wear and Tear
  10. Outdated Materials


  • Technically, a sewer scope is a tool. But sewer scope is also commonly known as the process of the camera-led inspection.
  • A sewer scope inspection is a camera-led scoping of the lateral sewer line only. The scope will begin at the house and navigate via a long cable line to the end of the lateral sewer line.
  • A sewer scope inspection does NOT include scoping of all of the plumbing throughout the home.
  • The lateral sewer line is the pipe that carries all the wastewater from the home to the main sewer line or septic tank. The lateral sewer line will end where the main sewer line begins or end at a septic tank. The lateral sewer line is owned by the owner, and the owner is responsible for the upkeep of this line.
  • The main sewer line is the pipe that carries all the wastewater from the lateral sewer line to the municipality. The city owns the main sewer line and it’s the municipality that is responsible for the maintenance of this line.

When you’re ready to make you’re big investment in real estate, think twice about the inspection you are requesting and make sure it’s going to be the best information! Skipping key system components like a sewer line is a big gamble!

Barrie Inspections is able to handle all your real estate inspection needs! We have the experience and expertise to give you the best value and the most detailed inspection! Call 361-298-0472, email, or schedule on our website 24/7 HERE. Barrie Inspections is ready to help you!